I have seen Steve’s S15 online quite a few times with pictures popping up from events he had attended around the lower North Island of New Zealand. We had talked online about the car quite a bit and the idea was always to feature it on our site, so when I heard he was heading to the upper half of the North Island with the car for the V 4 & Rotary National Show n Shine here in Auckland we decided to cease the opportunity to meet in person, and shoot the feature as well.

With the help of the Speedmagnet crew, the S15 was loaded onto a transporter that had been collecting cars from all around the country with one destination, Auckland Cities ASB Show Grounds in an area known as Greenlane. Once loaded, the truck made the 640km or so trip from Wellington to Auckland where it met a team of people that were very relieved to see it arrive with all these show cars still in once piece. The S15 was then unloaded and set up in the hall with the rest of the Speedmagnet crew.

On Saturday after the show Sean, aka FOSTER and I met up with the guys from Speedmagnet to hang out and have a closer look at their cars. The first thing you will notice about this S15 is the height, it really is sitting as low as possible thanks to the Custom Ksport Air Suspension Kit. The S15 has certainly come a long way from where it was when Steve took ownership – a rolling shell.

Back in 2014 Steve was on the hunt for another S15, this one being his 3rd. It was purchased less the engine and interior, a perfect canvas for Steve to start working his magic. Being the S15 enthusiast that he is it is not surprising to hear he had a parts car sitting at home waiting to donate bits and pieces to this new build.

First up was an OZ Racing Adjustable Suspension kit , but the kit has since been replaced with a Custom Ksport Air Suspension Kit that Steve imported from the USA. Other suspension upgrades include Ikeya Formula rear camber and toe arms, Ikeya Formula pillow-type tension rods, Ultra Racing front fender braces, Ultra Racing 29mm front and rear sway bars, Ultra Racing front strut brace, and Ultra Racing six-point side bars. Another eye catching detail about the car is the 8 pot front and 4 pot rear D2 Racing brake calipers and two piece slotted rotors which fill the Work GS2 wheels rather nicely.

Externally the car has been fitted with a full Wise Square GT Type A wide-body Kit including 20mm front and 50mm rear guards and a Wise Square GT carbon-fiber bonnet with aero locking pins. Steve has leveled up a little more with the recent addition of a C-West front bumper with carbon canards and custom lip, custom side skirt lips and a custom rear diffuser. The Silvia has also had a full re-paint in Phantom Grey pearl by RS Lane Ltd and Custom Body Shop.

Under the hood resides a mildly modified SR20DET. Modifications include a Garrett A/R .60 turbo charger mounted on a custom exhaust manifold with a three inch front pipe, the manifold includes wastegate plumb back for the TiAL 38mm gate. Other items include the HKS SSQV blow off valve, splitfire coil packs and FENIX front mounted Intercooler, oil cooler and Radiator.

The factory seats and steering wheel remain inside the car, with the addition of HKS 60mm oil temperature, oil pressure, boost and voltage gauges for Steve to keep an eye on vitals. Along with the gauges he has also added a Momo Nero shift knob, Momo handbrake lever, Momo leather handbrake boot and Momo R3000 pedals.


  • Nissan SR20DET
  • Factory internals
  • 50mm throttle body,
  • Polished GReddy Intake
  • Custom low-mount manifold
  • Custom three-inch front pipe with wastegate plumb back
  • Garrett A/R .60 Turbocharger
  • TiAL 38MM Wastegate
  • HKS SSQV Blow off valve
  • DW300 fuel pump
  • Tomei fuel pressure regulator
  • Splitfire coil packs
  • Fenix intercooler kit
  • Fenix oil cooler
  • Fenix Radiator
  • Carbon Radiator cooling Slam Panel



  • Factory five-speed gearbox
  • Custom Heavy Duty clutch kit
  • Nismo two-way differential



  • Custom Ksport Air Suspension Kit
  • Ikeya Formula rear camber arms
  • Ikeya Formula rear toe rods
  • Ikeya Formula pillow-type tension rods
  • Ultra Racing front fender braces
  • Ultra Racing 29mm front sway bar
  • Ultra Racing 29mm rear sway bar
  • Ultra Racing front strut brace
  • Ultra Racing six-point lower side bars


  • (F) D2 eight-pot calipers, 330mm two-piece slotted rotors
  • (R) D2 four-pot calipers, 330mm two-piece slotted rotors



  • (F) 18×9-inch +15 Work GS2 ‘Shadow Black’ with anodized black lip
  • (R) 18×10-inch -5 Work GS2 ‘Shadow Black’ with anodized black lip



  • Phantom Grey pearl Paint by RS Lane Ltd and Custom Body Shop
  • Wise Square GT Type A wide-body Kit
  • Wise Square GT carbon-fibre bonnet
  • Cwest Front bumper with Custom Canards
  • Custom front and side Lips
  • Custom Rear Diffuser
  • 20mm front guards
  • 50mm rear guards
  • AeroCatch locking bonnet pins
  • HID 8000k headlight kit



  • Factory Seats
  • Factory teering wheel
  • HKS 60mm oil temp gauge
  • HKS 60mm oil pressure gauge
  • HKS 60mm voltage gauge
  • HKS 60mm Boost gauge
  • Momo Nero shift knob
  • Momo handbrake lever
  • Momo leather handbrake boot
  • Momo R3000 pedals

Although this S15 is currently up for sale, it won’t be the last we see from Steve. With a self-confessed soft spot for these cars Steve assures us this won’t be the last S-Chassis he builds. If you would like to see more of the S15 build or ask and questions you can hit Steve up on Instagram – @Steve_Kerr_

You can also follow the Speedmagnet crew on Instagram or Facebook

Photo-shoot thanks to Sean Foster

Follow Sean on Facebook – FOSTER

or Instagram – @Seanylfoster

Words by @schassis_

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