The term I’m done modding is such an obsolete phrase to car modifiers. As much as one can say they are done modding their car there is always something left to be done. The question is how far do you want to go? This is Garrett’s wide body s14. When someone says I have a complete build, this right here is the definition.

Everything from a motor swap to rare parts can all be found in Garrett’s build. I personally remember seeing this car when it was a vanilla color and had a completely different kit. Years later and after a couple of color changes this same this S14 looks completely different. Watching this car ride down the street it seems so unreal. The wide chargespeed over fenders tuck the tires ever so perfectly while the wheels sit millimeters away from the fenders. Its as if it is gliding on the pavement.

The interior is a mixture of VIP with that JDM feel. Although RHD converted the effort is nothing short of A++. Meanwhile in the engine bay an RB20 with powder coated bits puts this wide s14 in motion. To keep the engine bay clean and ordered, a majority of the wiring has been tucked and placed out of sight, but enough of my description lets ask Mr Garrett some questions.

How long have you had your s14?
I’ve owned my S14 for 8 years

First original mod on the car?
My first mod was a URAS Type 4 body kit

What made u start modding it?
This was pretty much my first build from the ground up. My pops owns a lot of classic cars and is deep into muscle cars, I wanted something that I could take pride in and look back and say yeah this is a project that I have done with my own bare hands. When you own something its ok to make mistakes and try again that’s the only way you will learn.

How did you feel when you decided to go wide body?
Going wide body definitely wasn’t easy haha. Fitting 18×14’s was a great experience especially with keeping the camber numbers in single digits. To be static and maintain proper fitment, I’m content on how everything came together.

Who is your biggest influence for modifying?
My biggest influence without a doubt is my Dad. Growing up being around the garage was my playground. 18 wheeler’s, Chevelle’s, Nova’s were all I knew. After seeing him put in numerous amounts of hours in painting, dropping motors in and customizing, I knew one day it would be time for me to choose a project of my own and apply my knowledge.

What do you think about today’s import scene?
Today’s scene I must say is very interesting. It has really changed for the good and the bad. In my opinion a true car enthusiast should respect someone else’s build regardless of what it is or looks like. Anything dealing with modding takes time and money. You may not like it but, at least respect it.

What is next for the s14?
I have a few things up my sleeve haha. Won’t say at the moment but keep your eyes peeled for Simply Clean 8 on November 12th 2016 In Destination Daytona Florida, my plans will be in full swing

How do you feel about drift tax?
It shouldn’t exist honestly. I know everyone has a set price on their artwork and that’s fine but, you never get back what you put out .

Future event u plan to attend?
My next event will be June 18th 2016 Tuner Evolution in Daytona Beach, FL


  • RB20DET Swap
  • inca gold Powder-coated valve covers and piping
  • wrinkle black intake manifold
  • exhaust cover and heat shield
  • skunk 2 gold engine bay dress up kit
  • HKS radiator Cap
  • Tomei oil cap
  • Chase bays booster eliminator and brake line kit
  • K’s Power Intake Manifold
  • Tucked engine bay
  • carbon fiber cooling panel
  • ISR 3″ cat-back exhaust with blast pipe tips 


  • RHD conversion
  • 350z anniversary seats
  • Auto power 6pt roll cage Powder coated inca gold with candy
  • C pillar bar
  • Clarion double din radio
  • Green LEDs
  • dos equis shift knob,
  • MOMO wood grain steering wheel


  • Weds Kranze Bazreia
  • 18×10 -/+0
  • 18×14 -30
  • Fully polished with gold weds original hardware


  • BC Racing Coilovers
  • Megan tension rods
  • Powered by Max inner tie rods
  • Godspeed Arms


  • D-Max Type 3 body kit
  • Chargespeed 50mm rear over-fenders
  • D-Max LED taillights
  • Carbon fiber front and side skirt splitters


Feature shoot and words thanks to Roache Productions!

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